7 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (2024)

Affiliate plugins can simplify the affiliate program management on your site. From embedding affiliate links to generating dynamic product information and tracking clicks & conversions, they can automate numerous tasks you were supposed to do manually.

So, you can focus on content creation, promote more products, and share them with audiences. This can bring you more commissions and benefits. In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins. Let’s begin.

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7 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

There are different types of affiliate plugins. Some to promote products and content, some to manage links, and some to share content with audiences, etc. This section will discuss different types of them.

1. TableBerg

TableBerg Plugin

TableBerg is a Gutenberg block-based table builder plugin. The process of using it is very similar to using the default table block. But it has many additional features that the default table block doesn’t have.

With this plugin, you can add images, CTA buttons, feature lists, etc., of your Amazon products to the table. This plugin is ideal for creating comparison tables, pricing tables, comparison tables, and more.

Key features of the TableBerg plugin:

  • Comes with a Gutenberg table builder block
  • Allows to add different types of content
  • Provides comprehensive customization options
  • Very much lightweight
  • Seamlessly works with all themes and plugins
  • More features are currently in the pipeline

2. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder allows you to create various types of tables using the drag-and-drop editor. You can add fourteen different types of elements to the table, like buttons, images, lists, ratings, icons, ribbons, and badges.

Once your table is ready, the plugin generates a shortcode which you can copy-paste. This means you can use these shortcodes while designing your website with page builders like Elementor.

Key features of the WP Table Builder plugin:

  • Offers 28+ ready-made table templates
  • Comes with sticky, pagination, search, global font, and more
  • Has robust customization options
  • Seamlessly responsive on all screen sizes
  • Easy to export and import tables
  • Allows to add table tags to repurpose them

Explore the best Amazon product table plugins.


AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is designed to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts. Its vast features enable you to create compelling product displays, shoot up CTR, and maximize earnings.

Its built-in geo-targeting capabilities can automatically detect visitors’ locations and show them products relevant to their regions. Real-time data integration displays up-to-date information on products on your site.

Key features of the AAWP plugin:

  • Automatically creates product links with tracking IDs
  • Will cache product information to reduce API requests
  • Has a table builder to create comparison tables
  • Works with 13+ Amazon partner networks
  • Its link shortener converts long product links into short links
  • Can track clicks on your products made by users

4. AzonPress

AzonPress affiliate plugin

AzonPress is a perfect WordPress plugin to create and manage Amazon affiliate links. You can display products in a user-friendly manner, making visitors more likely to click the buy button and increasing conversions.

It has an intuitive dashboard that allows visitors to monitor the affiliate earnings easily. It comes with eight amazing Gutenberg blocks to make your product more appealing to look.

Key features of the AzonPress plugin:

  • Works with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more platforms
  • Geo-targeting showcases products based on user locations
  • Lets you create customizable layouts (grid, box, list, table, etc.)
  • Helps create product and comparison tables
  • You can add the bestseller badge on products
  • Shortcodes enable the display of product specifications anywhere

5. AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro is a comprehensive WordPress affiliate plugin. You can create different types of high-converting Amazon link types – texts, images, CTA buttons, showcase boxes, and comparison tables.

Its link localization feature directs visitors to the correct Amazon store based on location. This feature is also known as geo-targeting. AmaLinks is seamlessly compatible with Gutenberg and Classic editor.

Key features of the AmaLinks Pro plugin:

  • Drag and drop table builder to create comparison tables
  • Includes an advanced API caching
  • Can execute many tasks without any API dependency
  • Numerous stylization options to showcase products
  • Tables are perfectly responsive for all screen sizes

6. AffiliateX


AffiliateX is a Gutenberg block-based Amazon affiliate management plugin. It currently has eighteen blocks to craft posts and pages so you can wonderfully promote your products and necessary content.

Some of the most exciting blocks are pros and cons, verdict, product table, comparison table, product tabs, top product, specification, versus, and product image buttons. More blocks are under development.

Key features of the AffiliateX plugin:

  • Most of these blocks include multiple layouts
  • Robust customization options are available in each block
  • Has global customization settings
  • Core Gutenberg features will never slow down your site
  • All these blocks are perfectly responsive on all devices
  • Seamlessly compatible with all themes

7. Lasso

Lasso affiliate plugin

Lasso is an all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin. It can import links and shortcodes from other plugins like AAWP, Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates, and AzonPress. You can import them one by one or in bulk.

Once you paste any Amazon link to Lasso, it automatically grabs the product title, price, and images, converting into an affiliate link. Lasso tracks and updates information in every 24 hours.

Key features of the Lasson plugin:

  • Generates daily, weekly, and monthly income reports
  • Revenue analytics provides a detailed data over the earning
  • Instantly alerts you if your site has a broken link
  • Organizes all affiliate links in one place


Hope you already understand that selecting the right set of plugins can save you a good amount of time through automation. But once your site gets running, shifting to a new plugin isn’t always a good idea.

Because it alter the entire eco-system of your site. So, we recommend you to choose the right plugins at the beginning. As TableBerg and WP Table Builder have free versions in WordPress.org, we recommend you try them.

You can execute many tasks even with their free versions. Once satisfied, you can upgrade to the premium versions anytime.

The Tableberg Team

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