Our Story

The story began in 2019…

In the new era of WordPress Block Editor, where ideas merge with digital artistry, a new star was born – Tischberg.

But our story began in 2019 with WP Table Builder, where we harnessed our passion and expertise to craft a plugin that revolutionized how tables were created and displayed in WordPress. 

But as the landscape evolved, so did our vision. We saw the future of WordPress, crystalized in the Block Editor – a canvas ripe for innovation and creativity. Thus, Tableberg was conceived not just as a plugin but as a beacon of change in the WordPress universe.

The launch of Tableberg marked not just the release of a new product but the dawn of a new era in WordPress. Designed exclusively for the Block Editor, Tableberg brought unparalleled ease and flexibility to table creation. It wasn’t just about adding rows and columns; it was about reimagining what tables could be – interactive, responsive, and stunningly beautiful.

As we look to the horizon, the future of Tableberg is bright and boundless. With every update and new feature, we’re writing new chapters in our story, fueled by creativity, user feedback, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


“Working with Ollie has been a delight from start to finish.”

Rated 5/5 stars by 1,620 happy reviewers

Meet Our People

A small but mighty team

We’re a small team of diverse creators with the aim of creating the best possible WordPress products for you. Join our team today!

Tracy Capitan

Product Designer

Michael Glacier

Product Designer

Maryann Alpine

Product Designer

50+ Patterns

Ollie ships with over 50 pixel-perfect pattern designs you can use to build a stunning website with a few clicks.

5+ Layouts

Ollie ships with several full page designs such as Homepage, About, Features, Download, and more.

1000+ Hours

We’ve spent thousands of hours crafting WordPress themes and applied everything we know to Ollie.

200+ Ratings

Ollie boasts over two hundred 5 star reviews and an average rating of 9 on Rotten Tomatoes.

We’re Hiring

Let’s work together!

We’re currently hiring for several different roles. All of our positions are remote flexible and our salaries are above competitive in the industry.

Product Designer

Full Time · Remote


Full Time · Remote

Principal Engineer

Full Time · San Francisco

Marketing Manager

Part Time · Remote

Our Amazing Team

Our attorneys are highly experienced and well-versed in a variety of legal areas. Trust in our expertise to achieve the best outcome for your case.

Martha Nazario

Founder & CEO

Antoine Crawford

Customer Success Lead

Charles Shaw

UX Researcher

Makayla Carter

Product Manager

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