Add Amazon Product Images to WordPress

We follow a common strategy to display images on our website from different online sources – download them first and then upload them to our site. But if you are an Amazon affiliate marketer, you cannot simply download and upload images this way.

Amazon generates a link with a tracking code for any product image. Once this link is pasted on your website, the specific image will be automatically displayed.

This documentation post will show you how to add Amazon product images to WordPress.

Step 01: Log into Your Amazon Affiliate Account #

First of all, you have to log into your Amazon Affiliate account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a tracking link for your images.

Log into Your Amazon Affiliate Account

Step 02: Go to a Product Page #

Go to a product page. Select the product whose photos you want to display on WordPress.

You’ll see the Image option on the top bar of the page. Click the Image option.

Go to a Product Page

Step 03: Copy the Image Tracing Code #

Right after you click the Image option, a box will open up with an HTML tracking code of the image. Copy the tracking link.

You can also define the image size as well.

Copy the Image Tracing Code

Step 04: Add the Custom HTML Block to Your WordPress Post/Page #

Open the post/page where you want to show the Amazon product image. Add the Custom HTML block to the editor.

Add the Custom HTML Block

Paste the Amazon product tracking link. Then, preview the link.

Add the Amazon image tracking link and preview it

You can see the Amazon product image has been added to your WordPress site.

Preview the Amazon product image in WordPress

So, it’s done! Thus, you can add more images to your WordPress posts and pages. Learn how to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress.

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Updated on July 13, 2024
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