Ribbons Block

The Ribbon block overlays content with a decorative strike. It is used to draw visitors’ attention to specific information, like features, discounts, promotions, top-selling items, sales copies, etc.

By adding the Ribbon block to a table, you can make some of its cells stand out from others. TableBerg provides a simple and easy way to add Ribbons to your tables in WordPress.

This documentation post will show you how to add Ribbons to WordPress tables.

Step 01: Find and Add the Ribbon Block to the Table #

TableBerg includes several blocks to create well-functional tables. Ribbon is one of them. Find and add the Ribbon block to your desired cell by clicking the plus (+) button.

Find and Add the Ribbon Block to the Table

The Ribbon block will be added to the cell in a single.

The Ribbon block is added to the Table

Step 02: Configure Settings of the Ribbon Block #

You’ll find numerous options to change the ribbon block settings under the Settings tab on the right sidebar.

Options you’ll find there are Ribbon Type, Ribbon Text, Side, Distance, and Size.

Configure Settings of the Ribbon Block

# Change the Ribbon Type

Go to the Ribbon Type option under the Settings tab. Click the dropdown icon below it. There are four options – Bookmark, Corner, Side, and Icon. By selecting these options, you can easily change the ribbon type.

# Change the Ribbon Text and Size

Go to the Ribbon Text option. Write your desired copy in the box below. You’ll see the Ribbon copy is changing on the table.

Next, from the Size option, you can increase the size of the Ribbon text.

# Change the Side and Distance

Using the Side option, you can showcase the Ribben whether on the right or left side.

If you Ribbon copy appears in two lines, by increasing Distance, you can bring the copy in one line.

Change the Side and Distance

Step 03: Stylize the Ribbon Block #

Go to the Styles tab. You’ll be able to change the text and background color of the Ribbon block.

Stylize the Ribbon Block

Now, your table is ready to add content to the cell where you have added the Ribbon block. Hope you can do the rest yourself.

Like Ribbon, you can make your table attention-grabbing using the Icon block. Here’s a documentation on how to add the Icon block to your WordPress table.

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