Change Image Size

Changing the image size in WordPress refers to modifying the dimensions of an image. After uploading an image, it automatically creates several sizes of the image to serve them for different purposes on your site.

But these default sizes may not meet your personal needs. So when curating page design and blog post content, you may want to resize images to reflect your desired layout.

Let’s explore several methods of how to change image size in WordPress in this article.

Method One: How to Change Image Size Using the Gutenberg Editor #

While creating post and page content using the Gutenberg editor, you can customize the image size. Here’s how to:

Step 01: Select the Image #

Select the image on the editor you want to resize.

Go to the Settings tab of the image block on the right sidebar. You’ll see the Width and Height boxes under the tab.

Change Image Size in WordPress Using the Gutenberg Editor

Step 02: Place Values to Resize the Image #

Place your desired values in the Width and Height boxes. You’ll see the image size is changing accordingly.

Update the post/page to save the changes.

Method Two: How to Change Image Size From the Media Library #

All the media files you upload in WordPress are stored in the media library. You resize images individually from there as well.

Step 01: Go to WordPress Media Library #

Go to the Media Library and choose the image you want to resize.

How to Change Image Size From the Media Library

The selected image will be opened with a new window. Click the Edit Image button.

Edit image in the WordPress media Library

Step 02: Crop the Image #

Click the Crop button. You can manually select the area on the image to be cropped. Hit the Apply Crop button finally.

Crop the image

Save the changes at the end.

Method Three: Set Media Settings for Different Image Sizes #

Once you set your preferred image sizes, any image you upload to WordPress will automatically be optimized to those sizes. You no longer have to resize them individually.

Step 01: Go to Media Settings #

Go to Settings > Media from your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Media Settings in WordPress

Place your desired values based on the image type on their respective width and height boxes. Hit the Save Changes button at the end.

Set Media Settings for Different Image Sizes

Thus, you can change image sizes in various ways on your WordPress website.

Conclusion #

Being able to change the image size is an important skill for any WordPress user. Whether you are a web designer or content creator, you must know this to improve your design and content creation quality.

But remember to compress all the images and set an aspect ratio before uploading images. It will help preserve the visual integrity of your images while keeping your site fast and lightweight.

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Updated on July 13, 2024
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