How to Display WordPress Images in Columns & Rows

How to Display WordPress Images in Columns & Rows

It’s no longer a secret that visual content like images play a powerful role in delivering concepts and narratives. Text content alone can often fail to captivate readers. This is why incorporating relevant images into blog posts and pages has become mandatory.

WordPress allows you to add images to your site in numerous ways. One of the most effective ways to do this is to add images in columns and rows. It lets you present your images in an organized way.

In this blog post, we’ll show you multiple ways how to display WordPress images in Columns & Rows.

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Method One: Display Images in WordPress Using the Column Block

WordPress has a default column block. You can add many more blocks inside it, including the image block. Here’s the guide.

Step 01: Add the Gutenberg Column block

Find and add the Column block by clicking the plus (+) icon on the editor.

Add the Gutenberg Column block

Select the number of column variations you want to add to the column block. For this tutorial, we’ll select the 50/50 column variation.

Select the number of columns for the column block

Step 02: Add the Image Block to the Column Block

As we said, you can other Gutenberg blocks within the column block. Now, click the plus (+) icon within the column. Find and add the Image block to it.

Add the Image Block into the Column Block

You can now add images from the Media Library or the local drive. Do it as you wish.

Upload image to the column block

Step 03: Stylize the Image Block within the Column Block

You can see we have added an image. You can align it centrally using the alignment option on the toolbar. Resize the image holding the edge-circle icon. Finally, you can stylize it more using options under the Style tab.

Stylize the Image Block within the Column Block

In the same way, add an image to the other column as well.

Add image to the other column

Method Two: Display Images in WordPress Using the Gallery Block

WordPress has a default Gallery block by which you can add multiple images with the same block layout.

Step 01: Add the Gallery Block

Like the above method, find and add the Gallery block to the editor.

Add the Gallery block

You’ll be allowed to upload images from your local drive or the Media Library. In this tutorial, we’ll upload images from the Media Library.

Upload images

Step 02: Select and Upload Images

Select the images you want to upload to the Gallery block. You can select as many images as you want. Once done, click the Create a new gallery button.

Select images for the Gallery block

You can add captions for each image if you want. No problem if you don’t add anything. Hit the Insert Gallery button at the end.

Insert gallery

You can see that images have been added to the gallery. Next, you can customize the Image block using options from the Settings and Styles tab on the right sidebar.

Hopefully, you can do it alone, so I don’t go into details.

Images added to the Gallery

Method Three: Display Images in WordPress Using the TableBerg Plugin

TableBerg is an easy-to-use table-builder plugin. It allows you to add various custom blocks to the table cells to create multifunctional tables. In this section, we’ll show you how to add images in WordPress using the TableBerg plugin.

Step 01: Install and Activate the TableBerg Plugin

Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Type TableBer in the search box. Install and activate it once the plugin appears below.

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin

Step 02: Add the TableBerg Block to Your Post/Page

The plugin comes with a Gutenberg block named TableBerg. Find and add the TabelBerg block to your editor.

Find and add the TableBerg block to your Gutenberg editor

Define the row and column number for the table. The process is similar to the default table block. Do it yourself.

Set the row and column number

Step 03: Find and Add the Image Block to the Table

Hope your table is ready. Select the cell where you want to add an image. Once you select a cell, the plus (+) icon will appear.

Click the plus (+) icon. You’ll get the Image block. Hit the Image block.

Add the Image block to the table

You’ll get options to upload images from the local drive or Media Library. Click any option you want and upload the image.

Upload an image to the block

Step 04: Stylize the Uploaded Image

Hopefully, your image is already uploaded to the table. Come to the Styles tab on the right sidebar. You will find options like Duotone, Border, and Radius to stylize your Image block.

Stylize the Uploaded Image

Thus, you can upload images to the WordPress table with the plugin. Explore how to create a team member section in WordPress using the column block.

Final Remarks!

To successfully maintain a website, you need to upload and present your content in different ways. Sometimes, the same content has to be presented in different ways in different posts and pages. And it’s the same for the image block as well.

Hopefully, after reading this tutorial, you will be able to add your Image block in various ways in WordPress and bring variations to the content.

The Tableberg Team

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