How to Try Tableberg (Without Installing It To Your Site)

TableBerg is a relatively new plugin. And before installing any new plugin on their website, users want to try it somewhere else to see if it is suitable for their website. This process also helps them test if the plugin has any bugs that might break your site.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a wonderful way to try the TableBerg plugin without installing it on your site. So, let’s dive into the post on how to try TableBerg.

Create beautiful tables directly from the Block Editor

How to Try TableBerg

We have created a simple way for you to try TableBerg demo on InstaWP. It’s a one-click WordPress sandbox launcher where you can test any WordPress tool. We’ll show you how to try TableBerg in InstaWP.

Step 01: Go to TableBerg Demo Site

Click the TableBerg Demo Site link. After you land on the page, click the button Lunch Demo.

Submit an email ID to the box. Click the Proceed button.

It will only take a few seconds to complete installing the demo site. Be patient.

Step 02: Come to the TableBer Dashboard

You’ll come to the backend of your website. You may click Allow & Continue or Skip. Click anyone between them to proceed.

Continue TableBerg on WP Dashboard

This will take you to the TableBerg dashboard instantly.

TableBerg Dashboard

So, the TableBerg plugin is ready to be explored on a demo site.

Try Creating a Table with The TableBerg Plugin

As the site is now ready, let’s explore some basics on how to create a table with the TableBerg plugin.

Step 01: Open a Post or Page

You have to create the table, whether on a post or page. So, open a post or page as you want.

Open a new post

Step 02: Find and Add the TableBerg Block to the Editor

Click the plus (+) button on the editor. Type TableBerg on the searchbar. Once the block appears, hit to add it to the editor.

Find and add the TableBerg block to your Gutenberg editor

Step 03: Define the Number of Rows and Columns

Define the number of rows and columns you want on your table. For the tutorial, we’ll choose column and row 2*4.

Define the Number of Rows and Columns

The table outline will be ready in a second.

Table Layout is ready

Step 04: Add Content to the Table

As the outline is ready, it’s now time to fill it up with content. First, add headings to the top row cells of the table. To explain the tutorial, we’ll create a comparison table here on CC Camera.

You can see we have already added headings to the table. You can add images, CTA buttons, listicle blocks and more to the table.

# Add Images to the Table

To add another type of content, click the plus (+) button on a respective cell on the table. Choose the block you want.

Add image block to the table created by TableBerg

The block works similarly to the Image block. You can add images, whether from the media library or from your local drive.

Add image to each column

# Add List Blocks to the Table

In the same way, select and add the List block to the table afterward. Using this block, you can display product features, benefits, and other types of information about these products.

Add List Blocks to the Table

# Add CTA Buttons to the Table

We’ll conclude this tutorial by adding CTA buttons to the table. Add the Button block to the table cells.

Add buttons to the table with TableBerg

TableBerg provides robust customization options by which you can set compelling copies, change the button color, modify the button typography, and more. Do these customizations yourself.

Customize the TableBerg blocks

Ending Notes!

Thus, you can easily create tables with the TableBerg plugins on your website. In this article, we have demonstrated only some basics of creating a table with the TableBerg plugin.

But the plugin covers numerous exciting features by which you can create complex tables as well to display your humongous information. For example, how to create Amazon product comparison table in WordPress with the TableBerg plugin.

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