How to Add Bullet or Numbered Lists in WordPress

Bullet lists use symbols like dots, tick marks, arrow signs, and icons to point out your content. Numbered lists allow you to present your content in a sequential order.

Both of them can greatly enhance the readability of your content on a website so people can easily scan and digest it. This article will show you several methods of how to add bullet or numbered lists in WordPress.


Method 01: Add Bullet/Numbered Lists in WordPress Using the List Block

Open the Gutenberg editor of your post or page. Press the プラス (+) アイコンとタイプ リスト to find the block. Once the block appears, add it to the editor.

Add the list block to the Gutenberg editor

By default, the List block comes with the bullet type. To change the list type, hit the Select List icon on the toolbar as marked below.

Select list on the toolbar

You’ll get two options – unordered そして ordered. The unordered is the normal bullet, and the ordered is the numbered list type. Select the one you like. For the tutorial, we’ve selected the bullet type.

Select the bullet or numbered list type

Now, add your information. To change the text typography and its size, go to the スタイルタブ on the right sidebar.

Add information to the list block and customize the block

Method 02: Add Bullet/Numbered Lists Using Ultimate Blocks

The default Gutenberg list block lacks many advanced options. アルティメット・ブロック is a powerful block plugin. It also has a List block with many advanced features.

Install and activate the plugin first and then open a post or page. Type Styled List in the Gutenberg search box. Add the block to the editor.

Add the Styled List block to your website

に来てほしい。 設定タブ on the right sidebar. From this tab, you can change the bullet icon, icon size, number of columns, item spacing, font size, etc. Do the necessary customizations you want.

Configure settings of the Styled List block

If you don’t want to display the block on any particular device, you can also hide it from the settings tab.

Make the block responsive

に来てほしい。 スタイルタブ afterward. You can change the bullet icon color, text color, and block background color.

You can see in the image below that we have applied the red color to the bullet icon and text. Plus, we have selected two columns.

Stylize the Styled List block

Method 03: Add Bullet/Numbered Lists to a Table in WordPress

A table provides a structured way to display information. But the default WordPress table doesn’t allow you to add lists. You can overcome this using the テーブルバーグ プラグイン

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin. Go to your post/page editor. In the same way, find and add the テーブルバーグ・ブロック to the editor.

Add the TableBerg block to your post editor

Set your desired row and column numbers in the box, and create the table. We’ll create a table with 2*2 rows and columns.


Select a cell. Press the プラス (+) icon. Following the method one, find and add the リストブロック to the cell.

Add the block to the TableBerg

As you saw in method one, you can change the list type, whether it is an unordered or ordered format. After that, do the customizations needed from the Styled tab.

Change the list type and do customizations on TableBerg


Hope now you know how to add bullet or numbered lists to WordPress in various ways. But knowing when to use the bullet list and which type to use is really crucial.

Bullet lists are perfect for items that require no particular order or preference, like benefits, tips, and ideas. On the flip side, numbered lists are suitable for content requiring to follow a sequential order like.