How to Add ‘Pros & Cons Table’ in WordPress

A pros and cons table is a structural format by which you can present the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of a particular topic. This type of table is mostly used in writing product reviews, comparing different options, and identifying strengths & weaknesses.

This tutorial post will show an easy way how to add ‘Pros & Cons table’ in WordPress. Keep reading this write-up to the end.


ステップ01: TableBergプラグインのインストールと有効化

テーブルバーグ is a custom table builder plugin. It comes with a Gutenberg block by which you can create multipurpose tables with many advanced options. Install and activate the plugin first.


Step 02: Add the TableBerg Block to Your Post/Page Editor

Open the post/page where you want to add the ‘Pros & Cons’ table. Find and add the テーブルバーグ・ブロック to the Gutenberg editor.


Set the number of rows and columns you want. For the tutorial, we are selecting rows and columns 2*2. Click the テーブル作成 ボタンをクリックする。

Set 2*2 rows and columns

Your table layout is ready. You may enable the table header and footer from the Setting tabs on the right sidebar or leave them as they are. Next, you have to add content to the table cells.

Table layout

Step 03: Add Column Titles to the Table

Column titles are usually set on the very first rows of the respective columns. After that, you may bold the text. You can also set the text and background color from the スタイルタブ on the right sidebar.

Add column titles to the table

Step 04: Add Content to the Main Body of the Table

Select a cell on the table. You’ll see the プラス(+)アイコン appear. You can add the following content type (text, list, image, and button) to the table by clicking the plus icon.

For the tutorial, we have selected the リストブロック.

Add content block to the TableBerg table

You can see the we have added and created content with the リストブロック to the Pros and Cons table.

List block added to the Pros and Cons table created with the TableBerg

You may also add images to the pros and cons table, like the screenshot below.

Images added to the Pors and Cons table

Thus, you can create pros and cons tables easily on WordPress.

Ending Note

Pros and cons tables can provide a powerful way to cover balanced discussion over any particular topic. If you can present this information in a user-friendly way, this can bring you conversions and generate revenue.

Hope you have benefited from this write-up. Explore this post to learn ワードプレスで比較表を作成する方法.