Een Google Sheet als tabel weergeven in WordPress

Een Google Sheet als tabel weergeven in WordPress

The Google Sheet is a cloud-based application that allows you to create, edit, and organize data online. It allows you to implement simple calculations to complex data manipulation that people can easily visualize.

Now, what if you are able to integrate Google Sheets directly on your website? And whatever you change in that sheet automatically gets changed in real-time WordPress? It’ll be very helpful, isn’t it?

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to display a Google Sheet as a table in WordPress with a plugin. Get started!

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Een Google Sheet als tabel weergeven in WordPress

Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync is a wonderful plugin by which you can do this without a hassle. We will explain this tutorial using this plugin.

Stap 01: De plugin installeren en activeren

Navigeer naar Plugins > Nieuwe plug-in toevoegen. Type the plugin name ‘Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync‘ in the search box. Once the plugin appears below, installeren en activeren het.

Install and activate the Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync plugin

Opmerking: The plugin has a premium version. But no worries! You can create a workable table with the free version.

Step 02: Go to the Plugin Dashboard

After the plugin is activated, you’ll see a new menu named ‘Sheets to Table‘ added to the admin bar. Go to the plugin’s dashboard. Click the button Create new table.

Go to the Plugin Dashboard

On this page, you’ll get the option to copy-paste your Google Sheets link.

Google sheet link pasting page

Step 03: Copy Your Google Sheets Link

Come to your Google Sheets. Click the Share button on the top-right corner.

Open your Google Sheets

Make sure the General access is given to Anyone with the link. After that click the Copy link button. This will copy the sheet link.

Copy the Google Sheets Link

Step 04: Paste the Sheet Link to the Plugin’s Dashboard

Return to the page of the plugin where we left off. Paste the sheet link to the field on the page. Click the Create table knop aan het einde.

Paste the Sheet Link to the Plugin's Dashboard

Step 05: Stylize and Customize the Table

Your table is almost ready. You may publish it right away if you want. There is a shortcode on the page you can see. By copy-pasting it to any post or page, you can publish the table.

But before that, it’s better to do some stylization and customization so the table looks attractive.

Give that table a name. Then, you may write a description about it (optional). Click the Next knop.

Select a theme for the table. You’ll get access to two themes only as a free user. Click Next.

Add a theme for the table

Under the Table customization section, you’ll get too many things to configure. There are three tabs in this section. They are Layout, Utility, en Styling. Each tab includes a good number of configuration options.

Customize the table for showing Google Sheets

Whatever changes you make on this table will be displayed at the bottom. There you’ll find a preview table.

Preview the Table

For example, we’ve toggled off Show entries en Show search box. You can see these two options have been removed from the preview table as well.

Thus, you can cross-check the result of all the customizations you make over the Layout, Utility, en Styling. Hope you can do them yourself. Click Next.

Remove entries and search box from the table

Lastly, come to the Hide Rows/Column section. If there is any row, column, or cell you want to hide on any particular device type, you can select it from this section.

First, select the what you want to hide. Suppose, we will hide columns. So, we have selected the Hide Columns tab. Next, we have selected the device type Mobile.

Hide row/column

Scrolling down the page, come to the preview table. Place your cursor on the column you want to hide. Click on it. The column will get blurred. This feature is limited for pro users.

Select the column you want to hide

Step 06: Save and Publish the Table

So, your table is now ready to publish. Click the Fetch & Save button to save the table. Copy the Shortcode.

Save and Publish the Table

Open a post/page. Add the Shortcode block to the editor so you can past the code you have copied.

Add the Shortcode block to the editor

Paste the code to the block you copied just a while ago. Publish the post.

Paste the code to display

Come to the frontend of the post/page. You will see the table.

Published the table

Thus, you can display your Google Sheets on WordPress without any coding.

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Final Notes!

By integrating Google Sheets into WordPress, you can increase your work speed remarkably. At the same time, it can bring a lot of efficiency to your work. Thanks to the plugin that made it so easy today.

Previously, we had to put up with a lot of hassle to do this. But today, by using the Sheets to WordPress Table Live Sync plugin, even beginner-level users can easily display their Google Sheets in WordPress.

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