Add Rows and Columns to a Table

Rows and columns are two important parts of any table. A row allows you to horizontally arrange and display visual elements while a column lets you do the same vertically in a table.

With WordPress, you can create highly responsive tables on your website creating as many rows and columns as you want. In this article, we’ll show you the simplest ways of how to add rows and columns to a table.

ステップ 01: 最初にテーブルを作成する #

Using the default WordPress Table block, you can create tables on your website. Find and add the block to your post/page.

WordPress Table Block

Step 02: Define Rows and Columns #

You’ll be allowed to define the row and column number at this stage. Specify the number of rows and columns you want here.

を打つ。 Create Table button after that.


You can see the table has been created with the number of rows and columns as we specified above.

Table created

Step 03: Add New Row(s) to the Table #

をクリックする。 Edit table option on the toolbar. A dropdown list will appear.

You’ll see two options on the list: Insert row before そして Insert row after.

Using them, you can add new row(s) before or after a particular one.

Step 04: Add New Column(s) to the Table #

Similarly, click the Edit table option again. Choose any option between the 前に列を挿入する そして の後に列を挿入する。 options.

The new column will appear before or after the particular column.

Add New Column(s) to the Table

Thus, you can add rows and columns to a table in WordPress.

結論 #

A table is created once but not the end of it. It may need to update its information based on time. Therefore you may need to add new rows and columns from time to time.

So you must learn how to add rows and columns in a WordPress table. Hope you can do it easily after watching this tutorial.

Updated on 7月 13, 2024