Duplicate a Table

Sometimes, it may be necessary to cover multiple tables in this post or page keeping the same layout. In this case, you can save yourself from creating table layouts repeatedly from scratch through table duplication.

This short documentation post will guide you on how to duplicate a table.

ステップ01:テーブルブロック全体を選択 #

テーブルブロック全体を TableBergアイコンをクリック ツールバーの


Step 02: Find the Duplicate Option #

をクリックする。 three-dot icon on the Gutenberg toolbar. This will open a list of options. Select the Duplicate option on the list.

Find the Duplicate option

The table will be duplicated instantly below the original one, preserving the same layout and settings.

Table duplicated

Have you got it? Duplicating tables in WordPress is very simple. Let’s now explore how to add rows and columns to a table in WordPress.

Updated on 7月 13, 2024