7 Best Amazon Product Table Plugins (2024)

Amazon is World’s one of the biggest and most famous marketplaces to find all kinds of products online. Billions of users visit this marketplace monthly, making this a wonderful platform for vendors to promote and sell their products.

This one is also a great platform for thousands of affiliate marketers to make passive earnings. Amazon product plugins allow you to effortlessly create comparative and promotional tables, including CTA buttons, so buyers feel interested in buying products.

Both affiliate marketers and eCommerce store owners can use these plugins to promote their products through blog posts. This article will introduce you to some of the best Amazon product table plugins.


1. テーブルバーグ

TableBerg Amazon product table plugin

TableBerg is a block-based table builder plugin. It works almost similarly to the default WordPress block plugin. But the difference is it comes with some additional advanced features.

You can add different types of content (images, bullet lists, images, CTA buttons, etc.) to the table. By properly utilizing this content, you can create comparison tables, pros & cons tables, feature tables, etc., to promote your Amazon products.


  • It comes with an intuitive interface
  • Enables to customize the table width
  • Currently allows you to add five types of content
  • More blocks are in the pipeline currently being developed
  • Provides an easy setup process
  • Works with Gutenberg and doesn’t require depending on shortcodes
  • Offers robust customization options in terms of color, typography, and alignment

2. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table builder plugin. It comes with even more options to add different types of content to your table. For example, texts, buttons, images, lists, star ratings, shortcodes, custom HTML, icons, progress bars, badges, etc.

WP Table Builder provides several readymade templates to prepare your tables without starting from scratch. Once your table is ready, it generates a shortcode, which you have to copy and paste to your post/page editor to display the table.

Key features of the WP Table Builder plugin:

  • It comes with 14 content types known as elements
  • Has 25+ readymade table templates
  • Provides numerous customization options
  • Allows to make the top row or first column sticky
  • You can enable the pagination or search options
  • Configure separate breakpoints for different devices
  • Set table tags to find your tables quickly



AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. This plugin has been designed especially for affiliate marketing wishing to make money by promoting products through the Amazon Associate program.

Its extensive features empower you to create captivating rows and columns so your content becomes more readable to interested users. You can also integrate essential widgets and CTA buttons into the table to make its design engaging.

Key features of the AAWP plugin:

  • Via Amazon’s Product Advertising API, it automatically updates product information
  • Automatically creates Amazon affiliate links, including your tracking ID
  • Caching locally stores product information to reduce the number of API requests
  • Product boxes create visually appealing sections to promote specific products
  • Built with responsiveness in mind so you don’t have to invest much time into it
  • Usable on the Gutenberg block and doesn’t require shortcodes

4. AzonPress


While the above one was for Amazon only, AzonPress works with all the popular marketplace platforms. This means you can manage affiliate marketing with Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, Etsy, and Rakuten.

You can create comparison tables and product tables managing links to easily increase affiliate earnings. The plugin provides multiple layouts: grid, box, list, table, and widget. You can choose the one that suits you.

Key features of the AzonPress plugin:

  • Product tables can crawl and display information about your desired products after you select them
  • Geo-targeting redirects users to buy products from their closest stores
  • Helps you accurately track referral links from your site
  • Has eight different ready-to-use widgets to design your tables
  • Allows to add clickable product images
  • Includes 5+ essential blocks (CTA, single product, star rating, pros & Cons, notification, and button.)

5. AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks is a comprehensive table plugin. It lets you insert high-converting Amazon product links directly within your WordPress websites. Its intuitive interface allows you to search and select the products you want and create attractive display boxes within the table.

AmaLinks Pro gives you full control over the table’s layout. You can customize its design, color, typography, and add your own custom CSS to tailor the table’s appearance to your website.

Key features of the AmaLinks Pro plugin:

  1. Has a drag-and-drop table builder editor
  2. Easy to add sorting, filtering, and pagination options
  3. Useful for other marketplace platforms alongside Amazon
  4. Support link localization and API caching
  5. Compatible both with Gutenberg and Classic editor
  6. Built perfectly for all screen sizes

6. Affiliatable


With a good collection of pre-designed templates and schema optimization, Affiliatable is an all-in-one affiliate toolkit. Currently, you can create a comparison table, three-box table, product box, and summary box with the plugin. Many more options are under development in the pipeline.

Its Amazon API integration helps you directly import necessary information about your desired products to the table with just one click. Geniuslink integration makes localizing, tracking, and link management smarter than ever.

Key features of the Affiliatable plugin:

  • Provides a shortcode to display your tables on posts/pages
  • Product Availability Checker determines the current stock status of particular products
  • Product Catalog feature makes the comparison table creation easier
  • Click analytics let you check your table performance in real-time
  • Multiple CTA buttons allow you to promote multiple merchants’ products on your tables

7. AffiliateX


AffilaiteX is another Gutenberg block-based table builder plugin. You’ll find all the blocks you need in this plugin to create highly converting tables. They are single product, button, pros & Cons, CTA, notice, verdict, product table, comparison table, and more.

If your website is designed with Gutenberg blocks only, the AffiliateX plugin will add further value. Because you can use its blocks in different parts of your posts and pages other than the table.

Key features of the AffiliateX plugin:

  1. Has 18+ blocks and more are under development
  2. Each block includes multiple layouts
  3. Provides a global customization option
  4. Seamlessly works with any theme
  5. Each block also provides tons of customization controls


It’s now your time to explore the plugin and select the one that suits you. But before ending, we want to remind you that when creating a product table, you must focus on selecting products that are highly relevant to your audiences and align your web niche.

Include key information like prices, ratings, features, and brief descriptions. This not only will increase user experience but also conversion simultaneously.