How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress

Amazon affiliate links unique URLs containing tracking IDs so Amazon can monitor and generate sales through your website. Failing to add these links properly to your website can cause you to lose commissions.

This article will show you how to add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress websites the right way without depending on any plugins.


Step 01: Make Sure to Register as an Amazon Affiliate

To generate Amazon affiliate links, you must register as an Amazon affiliate. You have to fill in specific information like your website URL, store ID, monetization plan, and payment & tax ID.

Hope you’re a registered Amazon affiliate member. If not, go to the link mentioned above, create a new account, and come to the next step.

Step 02: Log into Your Amazon Account and Select a Product

Once your account is ready, log into your Amazon affiliate account.

Log into amazon affiliate account

You’ll see the Amazon associate toolbar on top. You’ll get the link-generating option here.

Amazon associate toolbar on top

Now, select a product to generate the Amazon affiliate link. Go to its product page.

Select a product to generate the Amazon affiliate link

Step 03: Generate the Affiliate Link of the Product

Take your cursor on the Get Link option on the toolbar. Immediately below, a popup will instantly appear with the affiliate link of the product. You can generate both the short link and the full link.

The short link is very helpful when you want to promote the product on social media platforms. Copy the Link.

Generate affiliate link and copy it

Step 04: Add the Link to the WordPress

Open the post or page in WordPress where you want to add the link. Select an anchor text. Press the リンク option on the toolbar. Paste the link to the respective box and save it.

Add the Amazon product link to WordPress

Finally, tick mark the option Open in new tab.

Set the link is openable in a new tab

Thus, you can add Amazon affiliate links to WordPress.


Learning how to generate Amazon affiliate links and add them to WordPress is a very basic part of learning Amazon affiliate marketing. Our article will keep publishing more educational articles on this topic.

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