Cells are the fundamental elements for the overall layout of any table. Merging cells refers to combining two or more adjacent cells into a single and larger cell to increase the content presentation aesthetics.

Besides, by merging table cells, you can eliminate unnecessary repetition and presentation of data. This article will show you how to merge table cells in WordPress with an easy guide.


ステップ 01: TableBergプラグインのインストール

If you have used the default table block of Gutenberg, hope you already know that it doesn’t have the cell merging option. You need an additional plugin to get this option.

テーブルバーグ is an easy-free plugin. It comes with a table block, which is almost similar to the Gutenberg table block. Install and activate the plugin.


ステップ 02: テーブルの作成

Find and add the TableBerg block to your post or page. Then, create your desired table as you do using the default table block.


Here is a table we have created with dummy content. In the next step, we’ll show you how to merge the vertical and horizontal table cells.

Dummy table created for showing how to merge table cells

Step 03: Merge Table Cells Horizontally

Select the cells you want to merge by pressing シフト+左クリック. Hit the 編集テーブル option on the toolbar. Select the Merge option. The cells will be merged.

Merge table cells horizontally

Step 04: Merge Table Cells Vertically

In the same way, select the vertical cells you want to merge. Then, click the Merge option from the Gutenberg toolbar.

Merge table cells vertically

In the same way, merge all the other necessary cells you want.

Step 05: Preview the Table

Here’s the preview of the table after we have merged its cells.

Preview the table cells merged

Finishing Note!

We have seen so many people around who don’t have a clear blueprint in mind for which cells to merge before creating a table. It costs them time as they have to clear the table and re-add the content later.

So, you must have a clear plan before drawing the table. Hope you can do this well following the guide we have shown you in this post. Take a look at how to create wonderful Amazon product comparison tables.