A sports league table is created to concisely present the standings of teams and athletes in a sports league. It serves as a visual tool that allows people to track the progress of their favorite teams and players.

If you are running a sporting portal or selling items and accessories, you may want to create league tables. This article will explain to you how to create a league table in WordPress with a detailed but easy tutorial.


ステップ01: TableBergプラグインのインストールと有効化

テーブルバーグ is an advanced table builder plugin. Without such an advanced tool, you cannot create comprehensive league tables with only the default WordPress table block.

こちらへ プラグイン > 新規プラグインの追加.プラグインを入手するには、次のように入力します。 テーブルバーグ in the search box. Install and activate after it appears below.


Step 02: Add the TableBerg Block to Your Post/Page Editor

Open the post/page where you want to create the league table. Find and add the TableBerg block by pressing the (+) icon.


Define the row and column number as you wish. For this tutorial, we’ll select the row and column number 6*11.


The table layout is ready. Next, we’ll add content to it.

Table layout creted by TableBerg


The type of content you add to the table depends largely on the sport type. Contents usually for a premier football league table are position, club logo, club name, game played, goal difference, そして points.

# Define Position (Pos)

The team with more points usually stays higher in the ranking. This section comes in the leftmost column of a table. You can see we have created this column on the table.

# Add Logo and Club Names

We want to bring the club name and logo under the same column title. So, the next top two column cells need to be merged. Select them by pressing Shift + Right Click (Windows) または CMD + Right Click (Mac).

Then, select Merge from the 編集テーブル option on the toolbar. Watch the video below. After that, we have centrally aligned the title.

Each cell comes with a Gutenberg block. By clicking the (+) icon, you can add other types of content to the table. For logos, we’ll select the image block.

Add logos to the table with TableBerg

You can see that we have added club logos to the table. No worries if the uploaded images are large in size. TableBerg allows you to customize them by dragging.

Club logos added to the league table with TableBerg

Next, add club names respectively next to the logo cells.

Add club names to the league table

# Add Played Match Number, Goal Difference, and Points

This is simple. Similar to the position, you can add each club’s number of played matches, goal difference, and amount of points here as well, with plain text. You can see we’ve done it in the below image.

Add Played Match Number, Goal Difference, and Points information to the table

Step 04: Stylize the Table

With Tableberg, you can add various levels of stylization and customization to your table. With the Gutenberg toolbar, you can customize the alignment そして boldness of the content on the table.

You can see we have centrally aligned and applied boldness to most of the content on the table.

Next, you can change the text & background color, typography, font size, そして table dimension from the right sidebar. Hope you can do them yourself.

Customize alignment and boldness of the table content

Step 05: Change the Table Width and Row Colors

If you have lots of content, you may want to increase the width of the table. Select the entire table by clicking the テーブルバーグ・アイコン on the toolbar consecutively thrice.

について 設定タブ will appear on the right sidebar, where you will find the Table Width option. You can increase the width of the table by setting the value here.

Increase the width and row color of the table

に来てほしい。 スタイルタブ. Immediately below, you’ll get options to change the background color of the even and odd row columns. Do it yourself.

Colorize the league table

Thus, you can create a league table in WordPress.

Finishing Note!

Sports-loving people are always keen to know the updates of their favorite teams and players. You can create a table in WordPress and share its links on social media so people come to explore your site.

You can create tables for eCommerce products similarly with this plugin. Learn how to create a product comparison table with TableBerg.