Change Table Row Height

If the content within a table row is large, it may overflow and not fit within the default row height.

について テーブルバーグ plugin allows you to increase the table row height so your content is displayed properly.

Here’s how to change the table row height.

Step 01: Select the Row #

Select the Row whose height you want to change. Place your cursor close to the border of the row and click. The particular row will be selected.

Select the Row whose height you want to change

Step 02: Increase the Row Height #

を見るだろう。 Row Height option on the right sidebar.

You can increase the height of the respective row by placing a numerical value on the box or by dragging the scale.

Increase the row height

Thus, you can change the height of your table row.

In the same way, you can change the column width of your table.

Updated on 7月 13, 2024