Convert Default Table Block to Tableberg Block

If you’re used to the default WordPress table block, you are bound to be overwhelmed with the Tableberg plugin. Because the process of using it is exactly like the default table block.

The interesting thing is that TableBerg allows you to add different types of content, such as images, buttons, custom HTML, ribbons, etc. After installing the plugin, you may want to convert all the old tables of your site with default blocks to Tableberg.

The good news is that you can easily do this without changing any data or information. In this short article, we’ll show you how to convert the default Table block to the TableBerg block.

Step 01: Select the Entire Default Table Block #

Go to the table you want to convert. Select it by clicking その Table icon ツールバーの

Select the Entire Default Table Block

Step 02: Transform to TableBerg #

Clicking the Table icon will open a list with several options. Hit the TableBerg icon on the list.

Transform to TableBerg

Your table will instantly be converted to the TableBerg block.

Table converted into TableBerg

Now, you can customize the table and add different types of content to its cells. Here’s the documentation page on how to use this plugin and modify its elements.

Ending Note! #

So, converting the table block to TableBerg is very simple, and you can do it just like snapping a finger. If you ever face any problem while converting, there might be a bug on your site or it might be conflicting on other plugins.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

Updated on 7月 13, 2024