Merge Cells in a Table

You may often want to bring two relevant columns, rows, or cells of a table under the same heading. You can do this easily by merging its particular rows, columns, and cells.

について テーブルバーグ plugin allows you to do this very easily. This post explains how to merge cells in a table.

Step 01: Select the Cells You Want to Merge #

Select the cells with your cursor that you want to merge. Don’t forget to select the cells, keeping the Shift key selected.

Select the Cells You Want to Merge

Step 02: Find and Select the Merge Option #

を打つ。 編集テーブル button on the Gutenberg toolbar. Select the Merge オプションをリストから選択する。

Find and Select the Merge Option

The selected cells will be merged in a second. You can see below the texts of the two cells have been merged into a single cell.

Cells merged

Organize and rewrite the texts in the merged cell to make it presentable.

Organize the text in the merged cell

In the same way, you can merge the other necessary cells on your table. Before moving away, explore how to add そして remove table borders.

Updated on 7月 13, 2024