How to Create a Call To Action Button in WordPress

A call to action (CTA) button is a clickable element on a website that provokes users to complete specific actions like purchasing, subscribing to a service, signing up for newsletters, downloading ebooks, etc.

There are numerous ways to add CTA buttons to a website. In this post, we’ll show you several easy ways how to create a call to action button in WordPress that hooks users.


Method 1: Using the Buttons Block

WordPress offers you a default Buttons block by which you can create CTA buttons.

Open a post or page. Find and add the default Buttons block in the Block editor and it to the post or page editor.

Add the button block to WordPress

After the block is added, place your cursor on the button and type your CTA copy (1). Then, change its alignment (2) where you want to place it. Finally, add your destination link to the button (3).

Type CTA copy and add link

Select the button block again by placing your cursor on it. You’ll get the customization options appear on the right sidebar. You’ll get the 設定 そして スタイル tab there.

Using these two tabs, you can change the button size, button background color, text color, typography, etc.

Customize the Gutenberg button block

Method 2: Using the Ultimate Blocks Plugin

アルティメット・ブロック is a popular Gutenberg blocks plugin with 25+ wonderful and useful custom Gutenberg blocks. This plugin also allows you to create and add CTA buttons to your site with many advanced features.

に移動する。 プラグイン > 新規プラグインの追加. Type アルティメット・ブロック in the top-right search box. インストール そして アクティブ化 the plugin after it appears below.

Ultimate Blocksプラグインをインストールして有効化する

Open the Gutenberg editor again and type ボタン または Button (Improved) in the search box. Hit on the respective block to the editor marked in the image below.

Add Ultimate Blocks CTA button to your site

Following the same above methods, add your desired CTA copy, link, and alignment to the button.

Add copy, link and alignment

Come to the right sidebar. You’ll get more options than the default button block. From the 設定 tab, you can customize the button justification, orientation, size, and width. 

You can also add an icon, change its position, and hide the button block for particular devices.

Customize settings

Next, land on the スタイルタブ. You can change the button radius, make the button transparent, button color, text color, hover color, and its dimension size.

Stylize the button

Method 3: Using the Tableberg Plugin

If you want to add CTA buttons to tables, the Tablegerg plugin will help you do this. With the plugin, you can create wonderful versatile tables, adding various blocks into it.

インストール そして アクティブ化 その Tablegerg plugin the same way as shown above.


Come to your post. Add the テーブルバーグ・ブロック to the editor. Add the テーブルバーグ・ブロック to it.

Add the TableBerg block

Define the row and column numbers as you need.


Start adding content to its rows and columns. Once you select any cell, you’ll be allowed to add different types of blocks into the cell. You can see that we have already added some text and image content on its left and middle columns.

We will add a CTA button to its right column. Select a cell on the column and choose the ボタンブロック.

Add the button block to the table

Now, in the same way, add a copy to the button. Alongside, customize it from the スタイル タブをクリックしてください。 

You can customize the button color, background color, hover color, typography, border radius, etc.

Add Button copy and customize it


So, now you know how simple it is to create call-to-action buttons in WordPress. But remember that creating a button isn’t enough. You must give it a captivating look and display it in the right places so it can drag people’s attention and help you bring conversions.

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