How to Get Started with Tableberg

The Tableberg block allows you to easily create tables in any page or post. 

Adding a Table

To add a table, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Add The Tableberg Block

Go to the WordPress Block Editor and click on the + sign (1). Then search for ‘Tableberg’ (2) and click on the block (3) to insert it.

Step 2: Select The Number Columns & Rows

Now select the number of columns and rows (1) and click on the ‘Create Table’ button (2).

Now you’ll have a blank table like this –

Adding Content to the Table 

To add text content, simply start typing on the cell.

To add other type of content (Image, List, or Button), select the cell and click on the + sign. Then select your desired sub-block.

From here, you will be able to add a paragraph, button, image and list. Just click on the block, and it will be inserted. 

  • Paragraph: This block will allow you to write text. 
  • Button: With the help of this block, you will be able to add a button inside the table. 
  • Image: This image block helps you to add images inside the table. 
  • List: This block allows you to add a list in your table. 

Adding Additional Rows/Columns

To add an additional row, select the row and click on the table icon from the toolbar.

Then click on ‘Insert row before’ or ‘Insert row after’ based on your preference.

If you click on ‘Insert row after’, then a row will be inserted after the row you have selected. 

Similarly, if you want to add a column, click on ‘Insert column before’ or ‘Insert column after.

If you click on ‘Insert column after’, then a column will be inserted after the column you’ve selected.

Deleting Column/Row

To delete a row or column, click on it and hit the ‘Edit table icon’. Then click on ‘Delete Row’ or ‘Delete Column’. 


You will be able to customize your table very easily. 

Block Toolbar

When you click on the block a toolbar with different options will appear. 

From this toolbar, you will be able to change vertical alignment, add/delete rows and columns, etc. 

Upon clicking on other blocks, you will see a toolbar where different options may appear according to the block. 


To find the block settings, click on the block and then hit settings. 

From here, you will be able to customize your block settings. 


If you like to style your block then click on the block then hit settings -> Styles. 

From here, you will be able to style your block. 

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