7+ Best WordPress Data Visualization Plugins

A WordPress data visualization plugin is a tool by which you can display data on your website in visually captivating ways. These visualizations can include graphs, charts, infographics, and interactive visual analytics dashboards.

WordPress data visualization plugins are designed to make it easy for users to understand and interpret the data being presented. You can use them on different types of websites like blogs, news portals, journals, business reports, etc.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best WordPress data visualization plugins, including their key features.

1. Visualizer: Tables and Charges Manager for WordPress

Visualizer: Tables and Charges Manager for WordPress

Visualizer is developed by the well-known WordPress developer Themeisle. It provides a powerful and easy way to create and manage different types of interactive charts and tables and embed them on your web posts and pages.

You don’t have to put much efforts to make your the charts and tables responsive as the plugin includes this option in-built. Visualizer uses ChartJS libraries, DataTables.net, and Google Visualization API technologies.

These technologies enable the tables are cross-border compatible and perfeclty displayed on mobile devices. With them, you can also create animated charts. You can directly import data from Excel, CSV, and Google Sheet with the plugin.

Key features of the Visualizer plugin:

  • Provides a range of chart types: line, bar, pie, and table charts, etc.
  • Easy to customize the charts to tailor your brand identity
  • Has integrations with Gutenberg and popular page builders
  • Allows you to import data from various sources 
  • Supports the chart translation in various languages
  • Uses the HTML5/SVG technology for mobile responsiveness
  • Includes comprehensive documentation for your understanding

2. TableBerg

TableBerg Plugin

TableBerg is a simple table-builder plugin that people with all levels of experience can use simply. With the plugin, you can create almost any type of table you can think of using the Gutenberg editor. The table comes with a block named ‘TableBerg.

Using the block, you can create table from scratch just as the default Table block. But the difference is that you can add various types of conten to the table like images, lists, CTA buttons, custom HTML, ribbons, and more.

The table is great to create comprehensive pricing tabels, product comparison tables, product specification tables, Amazon product tabels, etc.

Key features of TableBerg:

  • Provides 7+ content blocks (image, button, list, ribbon, etc.)
  • Highly responsive for mobile devices
  • Allows to add header and footer to the table
  • Easy to customize the background of the odd and even rows individually
  • Customize the typography, text color, font size, cell width, and more
  • Doesn’t require you to depend on shortcodes

3. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is a multifunctional WordPress plugin by which you can responsive tables in WordPress with the sorting, searching, pagination, filtering, and many other options. Besides, you can create charts, diagrams, and graphs to visualize your collected data.

The plugin allows you to create and manage SEO friendly data tables efficiently. You can add images, videos, and links to make data representation more meaningful. You can create large sized tables and make them responsive very easily.

The plugin has seamless integration with WordPress. It fully supports product attributes and categories. You can display SKU, Buy, Summary, Date, Price, Thumbnail, and Reviews to the table creating respective columns.

Key features of Data Tables Generator by Supsystic:

  • Easy customize the table headers, footers, font colors, cell sizes, etc.
  • Allows importing data from CSV files, using formulas and applying statistics
  • Lets users sort and filter data from the frontend
  • Exports the data table through Excel, PDF, CSV, and Google Sheets
  • Provides an intuitive settings panel
  • Supports translation in 13+ languages

4. WP Table Builder – WordPress Table Plugin

WP Table Builder - WordPress Table Plugin

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table builder plugin. The process of using the plugin is very simple. It provides an intuitive dashboard where you can create tables by defining their rows and columns. 

After that, you can add 12 different types of elements to the table, like texts, images, lists, buttons, star ratings, custom HTML, shortcodes, icons, etc. The plugin provides dozens of pre-built templates to get started instantly.

Key features of WP Table Builder:

  • Offers a drag-and-drop table builder
  • Easy to display tables using shortcodes
  • Seamlessly works with Gutenberg and page builders
  • Provides robust customization options to modify each part of the tables
  • Tables are automatically responsive for mobile and tablet devices
  • Allows you to export and import tables on other sites

5. M Chart

M Chart

The M Chart WordPress plugin has been designed to facilitate the creation and presentation of appealing charts within your WordPress posts and pages. The plugin allows you to manage data sets via a spreadsheet interface.

After that, you can present the data in chart forms using the Chart.js or Highcharts libraries. Once the charts are ready, you can embed them into your blog posts and pages using shortcodes.

Key features of M Chart:

  • Capable of generating charts in real-time, providing dynamic data representation
  • Easy show the tables both on Gutenberg and Page Builder
  • You can submit report issues and feature requests on GitHub
  • Chart.js and Highcharts library technologies allow robust customizations
  • Converts the raw data into interactive compelling charts 

6. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks Plugin

Ultimate Block is a well known Gutenberg block plugin highly recommended for creating compelling content. The plugin includes 25+ super exciting blocks by which you can craft and present content in appealing ways.

Project Bar is a popular block of the plugin. You can display your project progress goal, milestones achieved, funds raised so far, and many other metrics with the bloc.

Content Filter is another block by which you can allow users to sort content dyanamically on the frontend and find out the one quickly they need.

Content Filter block

Review Block lets you showcase the your personal rating about any product and also ratings of each feature of the product individually.

Review Block

With the Content Toggle block, you can cover comprehensive FAQ section and let users quickly find out their desired information with a serach bar.

Content Toggle

The plugin has many other helpful blocks for data presentation, like Counter block, Timeline block, Countdown timer, Image slider, and more.

Key features of Ultimate Blocks:

  • Includes 25+ custom blocks and more will join the list soon
  • All the blocks are automatically mobile-responsive
  • Easy to hide/display the blocks on any device types
  • Provides robust customization options in each block
  • Some blocks include schemas so your content gets ranked on Google quickly
  • Significantly helpful for content marketers

7. iChart – Easy Charts and Graphs

iChart – Easy Charts and Graphs

iChart can help you create and design HTML5 and fully responsive graphs and charts that are perfectly displayed on all mobile devices. The plugin supports creating pie, bar, line, polar area, radar, doughnut charts, etc.

Each plugin comes with a shortcode by which you can add and display the carts anywhere on your posts and pages. iChart has a premium version that further supports visual chart builder, data table, GeoCharts, embed sharing and more!

Key features of iChart:

  • Allows customizing the background color for different data points and labels
  • Easy to set each chart and graph size from the shortcode generator
  • Add/remove rows and columns with just a few clicks
  • Customizable width, text color, font size, background color, etc.
  • Supports multiple datasets and GeoCharts in the pro version
  • You can easily import and export the chart data

8. WP Charts and Graphs – WordPress Chart Plugin

WP Charts and Graphs – WordPress Chart Plugin

WP Charts and Graphs is a powerful chart generator. All you have to do is choose the chart type, and specify the chart titles and value. The plugin will do the rest. It will automatically generate the chart with a shortcode.

By placing the shortcode anywhere on your posts and pages, you can display the chart to audiences. You can preview the charts in the admin area before publishing them. So, if there is any error, you can rectify it before it goes live.

  • Provides an intuitive admin dashboard for chart building
  • Allows line bars, pie charts, doughnut charts, line charts, polar charts, and more
  • Easy to export in PDF, XLS, CSV, JSON and XML formats
  • The admin area allows a preview of the charts 
  • The chart generator automatically builds charts based on your data 

Finishing Notes

In today’s age, when there is no shortage of necessary data and information online, users prefer those websites where they can easily visualize data. To process data, you need some sort of technical expertise. But it’s easy for people from all technical backgrounds to visualize data.

For example, you will hardly find someone today who haven’t heard about Statista minimum once in their life. It’s a global data and business intelligence platform where you can explore comprehensive statistics regarding market data, market stuides, researches, etc.

With the above mentioned plugins, you can also present your data and information almost similar ways in your website and ensure top-notch user experience.

The Tableberg Team

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