How to Create Amazon Product Comparison Table in WordPress

Are you looking to boost your Amazon affiliate marketing sales or simply want to grow your store’s sales on this marketplace? Creating product comparison tables could be an effective way to do so.

It allows you to display multiple products side-by-side, letting customers explore their features, prices, and other important details so they can decide which one to buy.

This tutorial post will show you how to create Amazon product comparison table in WordPress. Get started!

Step 01: Install the TableBerg Plugin

TableBerg is a beginner-friendly table-builder plugin with many advanced features. With this plugin, you can create numerous exciting types of tables in WordPress.

Install and activate the plugin from the Plugins section.

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin

Step 02: Create a Table with the TableBerg Block

The plugin comes with a TableBerg block. You need to add it to the post/page editor by clicking the plus (+) button.

Create a table with the TableBerg block

Set the row and column number according to your needs. For the tutorial, we’ll select the row and column number 5*4.

Set the row and column number

The table layout will be ready in a few seconds.

Table layout for the Amazon product comparison table

Step 03: Add Content to the Table

Let’s first name the table columns according to the content and information you’ll add to their respective following row.

Name the table columns

# Add Amazon Product Images

Each cell of the table comes with an additional Gutenberg block option to add different types of content. Select the Image block to add your Amazon product photographs.

Select the image block on the TableBerg table

You’ll be allowed to add images, whether from your media library or from local drives like the default options. You can see that we have already added images to the table.

Amazon product images added to the table

# List Amazon Product Features

It’s better to show the features of a product in the listicle format. Find and add the List block to the table under the Feature column.

Add the list block to the Amazon product table with TableBerg

You can list as many features as you want in the table using the List block. Take a look at the image below. Hope you can do it yourself.

Features listed in the Amazon product table

# Add Rating of the Amazon Products

We don’t need to explain much about it. You can add ratings of your Amazon products simply by plain text.

Add ratings of the Amazon products

# Add a CTA Button

You can tell the product’s price in plain text if you want. But it is better to take the visitor to the product page with a CTA button. Then, the possibility of converting him into a customer will go up.

Add the Button block to the table.

Add buttons to the Amazon product table

First, add a CTA copy to the button. Next, come to the Styles tab. Below that you will find options to customize colors, typography and borders. You can see that we’ve applied a blue color tone over the button.

Add a CTA copy and stylize the button

Finally, add a link to the button. Add CTA button to other rows as well the same way.

Add a link to the button

Step 04: Preview the Amazon Product Table

Hope your table will be ready by now. But before going to publish it, you should check how it looks on the frontend. So, go to the preview mode of the page.

Preview the Amazon product table in WordPress


Hopefully, from now on, you can create Amazon product tables easily on your site. But before ending, here’re some suggestions for you – the more information you present concisely, the better for user engagement.

Don’t spread propaganda with false information while comparing your product with others. Don’t focus too much on stylization that can distract readers. Learn how to create a product specification table in WordPress.

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