7 Best Button Plugins for WordPress (2024)

A button is a clickable element that allows users to complete specific actions. Whether it’s submitting a form, making a purchase, downloading a resource, or navigating to another page, buttons play an important role in creating conversion on a website.

If your website is on WordPress, you can use its default button block. But the default button block won’t let you implement advanced customizations and interactive effects. You need an additional plugin to do this.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 best button plugins for WordPress. Read it to the end and choose the suitable one for your site.


1. MaxButtons

MaxButtons plugin

MaxButtons is a dedicated WordPress button plugin by which you can create CTA buttons, Social Icons, and Social Buttons. After installing the plugin, you’ll get an editor created in the backend.

You can create as many buttons as you want in the backend editor and customize them with all the necessary CSS elements. Each button generates a shortcode which you can copy-paste on any post/page.

Key features of the MaxButtons plugin:

  • Add icons and images to the button and customize their sizes
  • Looks great on any device (desktop, tab, and mobile)
  • Integrations with Font Awesome Icons and Google Analytics
  • Integrations with many popular page builders
  • Includes 10+ beautifully designed share button sets
  • Lets you add multi-line texts to the button
  • Live preview option to instantly update the design

2. アルティメット・ブロック

Ultimate Blocks プラグイン

Ultimate Blocks is an impact-making Gutenberg block plugin. It covers 25+ custom Gutenberg blocks to take your web design and content marketing effort to the next level. It includes an advanced button block.

If you don’t want to depend on shortcodes and instead create buttons directly on your posts/pages, you can use this plugin. Additionally, you can add various animation effects to your buttons with Ultimate Blocks.

Key features of the Ultimate Blocks plugin:

  • Easy to change the button orientation (horizontally and vertically)
  • Add icons to the buttons and change the icon position
  • Allows to add hover and normal color effects
  • You can make the button transparent
  • Lets you wrap texts into multiple lines
  • Decorate the button with many other content with the plugin
  • Ultimate Blocks includes several other blocks, including buttons

3. Button X

Button X plugin

Buttons X is a powerful button builder plugin. It comes with many free extensions and free button packs. As the plugin has integration with Google Analytics, you can track every button click.

You’ll find no shortage of CSS options in this plugin. You can set any color or image as a background for the button. Besides, the plugin offers many demo buttons which you can easily import just by a click.

Key features of the Buttons X plugin:

  • 50+ hover animations and 50+ reveal animations
  • 8 border styles with radius options
  • Allows multiple texts with instant previewing
  • Has integrations with many form plugins
  • Support 580+ Font Awesome icons
  • Tooltips to convey more messages

4. Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin

Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin is one of the oldest button builder plugins. It allows you to directly insert buttons into your blog posts and pages without having to depend on any shortcode.

It provides a clean popup on which you can design the button and then directly place it on any suitable section. The plugin was initially released for the classic editor. Now, it equally works with the Gutenberg editor.

Key features of the Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin:

  • Provides a visual way to create and design buttons
  • Utilizes the latest CSS properties for the button stylizing
  • Supports Dashicons and Font Awesome icons
  • Easy to install and complete the configuration
  • Compatible with all themes

5. ボタン

Button plugin

The Button is a robust CTA button generator plugin. After installing it, here also you’ll get an editor in the backend to create buttons with a shortcode for each one. Using shortcodes, you can display these buttons anywhere on your posts and pages.

The plugin provides numerous readymade buttons that you can instantly use just after adding a CTA text and destination link. Plus, you’ll get a handful of social button sets.

Key features of the Button plugin:

  • Drag and drop button builder
  • 9+ readymade demo CTA buttons
  • 6+ social button sets
  • Allows to build 2D and 3D buttons
  • Supports 500+ Google fonts

6. テーブルバーグ


TableBerg is actually a table builder plugin. The plugin comes with a Gutenberg block by which you can design tables just like the default table block. But the interesting part is you can add CTA buttons and many other types of content to the table with this plugin.

The process of creating and adding buttons to the table is very similar to the default button block. Many people want to create gorgeous tables with CTA buttons. This plugin could be ideal for them.


  • Easy to resize the button and its width
  • Allows to change the text, hover, and background colors
  • Lets you update the typography and button radius
  • You can add images and lists to the table

エクスペリエンス ワードプレスで商品スペック表を作成する方法 with the TableBerg plugin.

7. Social Snap

Social Snap plugin

Social Snap isn’t like the traditional call-to-action button builder plugins. With this plugin, you can create exciting social share buttons on your posts and pages. The plugin comes with several Gutenberg blocks.

Each block is dedicated to individual social platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can customize the button size, color, layout, and other options to make them look appealing.

Key features of the Social Snap plugin:

  • Supports 30+ social media platforms
  • Place anywhere (floating sidebar, inline, sticky bar, etc.)
  • 4 button shapes, 3 button sizes, and unlimited colors
  • Has facilities to track clicks on the buttons
  • Looks beautiful on all devices


Since buttons have a co-relation with the conversion, some people often fall into the trap of using too many buttons. But this isn’t a good practice. Remember, simplicity is a key.

Try to incorporate buttons where they add value and come to users’ eyes. So, choose a button plugin that offers a clean and minimalistic design, avoiding clutter and unnecessary elements.