7 Best TablePress Alternatives In 2024 (Compared)

Creating and managing tables on a WordPress site is a common requirement for many users. While TablePress is a popular choice, it has several limitations that prompt users to explore better alternatives. Whether you’re building a price comparison table, a product specification list, or a data-heavy report, finding the right plugin can make a significant difference in your site’s performance and user experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the best TablePress alternatives that offer advanced features, greater customization, and improved performance. These alternatives not only address the shortcomings of TablePress but also provide unique functionalities that can elevate your WordPress tables to the next level.

Where TablePress Falls Short

While TablePress is a widely used plugin for creating and managing tables in WordPress, there are some areas where it can be enhanced. Here are key aspects that might lead users to consider other table plugins:

  1. Limited Styling Options: TablePress offers only basic styling capabilities, which can be insufficient for users who want highly customized and visually appealing tables.
  1. No Built-in Responsiveness: The plugin lacks built-in responsiveness, requiring users to rely on custom CSS or third-party plugins to ensure their tables are mobile-friendly.
  1. Absence of Inline Editing: Users must navigate to the backend editor to make changes, disrupting the workflow and reducing efficiency for frequent updates.
  1. Limited Integration: TablePress has restricted compatibility with other popular plugins, which can be problematic for users relying on a broader ecosystem of plugins for enhanced site functionality.
  1. No Frontend Editing: The plugin does not offer frontend editing capabilities, which is crucial for collaborative environments or sites with user-generated content.
  1. Basic Import/Export Features: TablePress provides limited import and export options, needing more advanced integration with tools like Google Sheets or Excel, which some users may require.
  1. Performance Issues with Large Tables: Handling very large tables can cause performance issues, such as slower load times, making it less suitable for users with extensive datasets.
  1. No Built-in Conditional Formatting: The plugin does not support conditional formatting, a valuable feature for visualizing data based on specific criteria.

Create Beautiful Tables
With Block Editor


We start with Tableberg, a WordPress plugin designed to transform your Block editor experience with beautiful and responsive tables. The user-friendly interface, complete with sub-blocks and a variety of customization options, makes table creation straightforward and enjoyable.

The plugin enters into the WordPress domain to effortlessly create and personalize tables, whether for pricing comparisons, product showcases, or any structured content. Developed for both novices and pros, Tableberg’s advanced features, including responsive controls, alignment adjustments, and cell merging, ensure your tables look impeccable on any device.

Tableberg offers an array of sub-blocks, such as Paragraph for text entries, List for organized content, and Button for calls to action. You can utilize the Image sub-block to add visuals directly into table cells, while star ratings, styled lists, ribbons, and icons will give your tables the distinctive look you’ve been longing for. 

With header and footer settings, adjustable table dimensions, cell padding and spacing, border options, global font controls, and comprehensive color customization, Tableberg guarantees a polished look to create the perfect table for your WordPress site.

Key Features: 

  • Build tables with paragraphs, lists, buttons, images, star ratings, styled lists, icons, ribbons, and custom HTML.
  • Handle header and footer settings, adjust table width and alignment, and set responsive controls for various devices.
  • Personalize colors for headers, footers, and rows, and manage cell padding and spacing.
  • Configure border sizes and colors, manage inner borders and adjust column widths and row heights.
  • Detailed settings for each table block cater to both beginners and advanced users.
  • Perfect for pricing tables, product comparisons, team member listings, and more.
Tableberg Demo


Tableberg offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans include the Basic Plan at $49 per year and the Pro Plan at a one-time payment of $199.

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is one of the best drag-and-drop table builder plugins that can be selected as a replacement for TablePress. The plugin offers all the options to create tables for your WordPress sites, from pricing tables to schedules, restaurant menus, product lists, and information. Its prebuilt table templates enable you to begin swiftly, and the ability of the plugin to save your tables as templates will make this a tough option to overlook.

WP Table Builder includes 7 basic elements along with circle ratings, ribbons, and styled lists, providing extensive customization options. The plugin allows you to add a search bar to your tables, make them sortable on the front end, and offer a concrete cell management mode. Users have full control over background colors and can easily break long tables into more manageable sections. The built-in lazy loading option enhances image performance within tables, and tooltips enable you to add extra information to list items.

On top of those features, WP Table Builder offers advanced features like the ability to import and export tables in CSV and XML formats, ensuring effortless data transfer for your tables. With features like advanced cell customization, responsive design options, and the ability to include multimedia elements, WP Table Builder offers a comprehensive and user-friendly alternative to TablePress for all your WordPress table-building needs.

Key Features: 

  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Table Creation.
  • Ready-to-Use Table Templates.
  • Includes Text, Image, List, Button, Star Rating, Custom HTML, and Shortcode Elements.
  • Customizable Circle Ratings, Ribbons, and Styled Lists.
  • Front-End Search Bar and Sortable Tables.
  • Advanced Cell Management Features.
  • Import and Export Functionality for CSV, Excel, and JSON Files.
  • Ability to Save and Reuse Custom Table Templates. 
  • Insert Tables Anywhere Using Shortcodes.
  • SEO friendly. 
WP Table Builder Demo


WP Table Builder offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version starting at an affordable $49 per year.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to meet all your table needs, from basic creation to advanced eCommerce integration and real-time Google Sheets synchronization. The plugin serves both beginners and advanced users, making it suitable for simple blogs and full-fledged online stores. 

With Ninja Tables, you can create engaging tables by adding images, videos, and charts. The integration with Ninja Charts allows for dynamic chart creation from table data. WooCommerce integration facilitates the easy creation of product tables with filtering and direct checkout links, a feature often missing in alternatives. The plugin supports WP Posts and Fluent Forms integration, unlimited color schemes, and a drag-and-drop interface for easy column and row rearrangement. It offers an image lightbox feature, enhancing tables with an attractive display of images in a pop-up, creating an immersive user experience.

Features like row hover animations, multiple table styles, stackable table configurations, and cell merging add to its extensive feature list. With more features, including unlimited data capacity, shortcode support, conditional column formatting, and import-export capabilities, Ninja Tables stands out as an excellent alternative to TablePress.

Key Features: 

  • Pre-made templates for various table types.
  • Image lightbox for detailed image viewing.
  • Dynamic WooCommerce product tables.
  • Real-time Google Sheets synchronization.
  • WP Posts and Fluent Forms integration.
  • Drag-and-drop interface.
  • Row hover animations.
  • Conditional column formatting.
Ninja Tables Demo


Ninja Tables offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version starting at $55 per year, making it an affordable choice for enhanced table functionality.


wpDataTables is a powerful WordPress plugin that simplifies creating data tables and charts from various sources like Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and PHP. This plugin automates data display, eliminating the need for coding, and provides a user-friendly interface for managing large datasets.

The standout feature of wpDataTables is the ability to handle extensive data effortlessly, making it ideal for businesses, bloggers, and data enthusiasts. With wpDataTables, users can generate tables from multiple data sources and delimiters, with support for various formats. The plugin includes a caching feature to improve loading performance and automatic updates from source files for smooth data management. The responsive design ensures that tables function seamlessly on all devices, enhancing user experience.

wpDataTables offers advanced customization options that allow for detailed visual adjustments, and the Excel-like editor makes it easy to manage data directly within WordPress. Features like highlighting specific rows, columns, or cells, advanced filtering, and search capabilities further enhance its functionality. All these attributes, coupled with powerful integrations, make wpDataTables a strong alternative to TablePress. 

Key Features: 

  • Simplifies creation of data tables and charts from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and PHP.
  • Allows representation of complex data in a user-friendly manner.
  • Supports various delimiters like colon, semicolon, vertical bar, and TAB in CSV files.
  • Introduces caching feature to improve loading performance.
  • Automatically updates table caches from source files.
  • Facilitates easy editing of charts.
  • Groups similar values into a single series for enhanced data visualization.
  • Additional functionalities with powerful add-ons. 
wpDataTables Demo


wpDataTables provides both free and premium versions, with the premium plans starting at an economical price of $39 per year plus an additional US$5 VAT.


Visualizer stands out as a robust alternative to TablePress, specializing in creating and embedding interactive, responsive charts and tables into WordPress posts and pages. The plugin provides powerful customization options for creating charts and tables to your specific needs, ensuring your visualizations stand out.

Utilizing the Google Visualization API, DataTables.net, and ChartJS, Visualizer ensures compatibility across different browsers and seamlessly displays responsive and animated charts, graphs, and tables on mobile devices. It simplifies data management by allowing easy import from other charts and tables, while its Excel-like editor facilitates quick data adjustments to boost productivity. Visualizer offers a range of optimized chart types, including four in the free version and an additional eleven in the pro version, subjected to diverse WordPress data needs. The plugin’s extensive customization options enable you to align the visual style with your website’s aesthetics. The pro version of the plugin adds more functionalities via the options for sorting, pagination, search capabilities, and more for your tables. Whether you prefer the Gutenberg interface or the classic editor,  resting and integrating your charts with the WordPress ecosystem is straightforward and viable. 

With all those features, Visualizer offers extensive charts and tables, making it ideal for bloggers, businesses, and data enthusiasts seeking attractive data representation, serving as a perfect alternative to TablePress.

Key Features: 

  • Create, manage, and embed interactive, responsive charts and tables.
  • Supports Google Visualization API, DataTables.net, and ChartJS libraries.
  • Import data from Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, and URLs.
  • Multiple chart types, including line, pie, bar, and geo maps.
  • Advanced customization options for charts and tables.
  • Real-time updates with dynamic data import.
  • Add sorting, pagination, and search capabilities to tables.
  • Compatible with both Gutenberg and classic editors.
  • Embed charts easily with shortcodes.
Visualizer Demo


Visualizer offers a free version with essential features and a Pro version starting at $99/year, providing advanced features and enhanced customization options.

Posts Table

Posts Table with Search & Sort is a WordPress table plugin that helps site owners organize WordPress posts into sortable and filterable tables, making it easy for your audience to find the content they need. Featuring options for filtering content by date, category, tag, or author, this WordPress table plugin adapts seamlessly to different use cases. 

Posts Table, with its standard responsive layouts and pagination, ensures content is accessible across all devices. With this plugin, your work to create tables with WordPress posts, products, or any custom post type will be effortless. You can easily create sortable and filterable post tables by organizing them with post ID, image, title, content, categories, tags, author, or date. Your users will find your tables easily accessible with the ability to search posts by keyword, sortable columns, or filters. You can enjoy additional capabilities such as custom fields, taxonomies, post excerpts, and status to build the best possible structure for content display. 

With Post Tables, you are guaranteed flexibility with easy abilities to edit your tables. The shortcode availability will allow you to generate tables listing your posts, pages, products, or any custom post type. You can further enhance your tables by including images, documents, audio files, video players, and media playlists. Its ability to create the perfect tables for your WooCommerce store adds to its advantage in promoting this to the panel of best TablePress alternatives. 

Key Features: 

  • Organize WordPress posts into sortable and filterable tables.
  • Automatically list posts, pages, custom fields, custom post types, and taxonomies.
  • Filter content by date, category, tag, or author.
  • Add custom fields, custom taxonomies, post excerpts, and status. 
  • Elevate tables with multimedia like images, audio, videos, or playlists.
  • Optimize performance with AJAX lazy loading for large tables. 
  • Ensure responsiveness across all devices with a fluid design. 
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce for dynamic product tables. 


Posts Table with Search & Sort is available in a free version and two paid options: the single Post Table plugin for $69 or the Posts Table + Protected Categories bundle for $119.

League Table

League Table is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to create sortable and responsive tables, ideal for displaying league standings, statistical data, and more. The plugin includes a spreadsheet editor for easy data manipulation, allowing users to import and export tables from Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc. 

League Table stands out with its exceptional customizability, enabling users to define table layouts, font sizes, and colors for optimal readability and aesthetic appeal. The ability to create tables with fixed or automatic layouts, alongside horizontal and vertical scrollbars, enhances its functionality for large datasets. The plugin supports advanced features like manual and automatic sorting and single-column or multi-column sorting, making it easy for visitors to interact with table data. Custom typography and responsive font sizes ensure that tables look great on any device. 

Users can add images directly into table cells, which is perfect for displaying logos or icons. Additional features include the generation of position columns, striped rows for better readability, and customizable text alignment. For those needing extensive control, the Pro version offers advanced sorting criteria, cell merging, custom HTML content, and more, making League Table a comprehensive solution for any data presentation needs​. 

Key Features: 

  • Sortable and responsive tables.
  • Spreadsheet editor supporting import/export from Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc.
  • Manual and automatic sorting for interactive data handling.
  • Ability to add images in table cells for enhanced visual representation.
  • Generation of position columns and striped rows for better readability.
  • Advanced sorting criteria, cell merging, and formula creation for calculations.
  • Custom HTML content, table captions, and links in table cells.
  • Backup and transfer plugin data between installations.
  • A Dedicated Gutenberg block for easy table inclusion in posts.



League Table plugin offers a lite version and a Pro version available for $39/year. 


While TablePress remains a reliable and popular option for many WordPress users, its limitations can be significant for those needing more advanced features and flexibility. For users seeking better styling options, built-in responsiveness, inline and frontend editing, improved integration with other plugins, and advanced import/export capabilities, exploring alternatives like WP Table Builder, Ninja Tables, and Tableberg is worthwhile. By evaluating these alternatives, you can find a table plugin that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in managing and presenting your data.

The Tableberg Team

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