How to Remove Table Borders in WordPress (2 Easy Ways)

Tables are commonly used to display various data and information in an organized and structured format. However, the default appearance of tables in WordPress includes visual borders.

Although this border is essential in many cases, there are many situations when you may need to hide the borders to enhance the design aesthetics. This is why many web designers look for ways to remove table borders.

This article will show you an easy guide on how to remove table borders in WordPress. We will explain this method using WordPress default table as well as a table plugin.

Let’s begin with the table plugin.

Create beautiful tables directly from the Block Editor

Method 1: Removing Table Borders of the Default Table Block

Let’s see how to remove borders of a default Table block.

Step 01: Create a Table First

Hope you already know how to create tables using the default WordPress system. We have also created one with some dummy information to demonstrate the following parts of the tutorial.

Table created with the default system in WordPress

Step 02: Select the Table Block and Hide Its Borders

Select the entire table by clicking the Table Block icon on the toolbar. Jump into the Styles tab on the right sidebar.

Select the table border

Come to the Border option, scrolling down the right sidebar. Make the border value zero (0) by dragging the scale. The table border will disappear.

Hide borders of the default WordPress tables

Method 2: Removing Table Borders of the Tableberg Block

Now if you want to have more controls over the borders like removing the inner or outside borders and showing the row only or column only borders, you can use the Tableberg plugin.

Let’s see how to use the plugin.

Step 01: Install and Activate the Plugin

Navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Get the plugin by typing Tableberg in the search box. After that, Install and Activate it.

Find the Tableberg block from the Gutenberg editor and add it to your post or page.

Step 02: Create a Table

Now go to the post/page where you want to add the borderless table. Once you’re in the editor, click on the + icon (1) and search for ‘Tableberg’ (2). Then click on the Tableberg block to insert it (3).

Add the TableBerg block to your page or post

Set the row and column number to the post, which is similar to the default WordPress table. And click on the ‘Create Table’ button.

Set the row and column number

You’ll get the block-adding option similar to Gutenberg in each cell on the table. Using them, you can add your desired content to the table.

Add blocks and content to the TableBerg tables

You can see below we have created a dummy table with the plugin. Next, we’ll show you how to remove borders from the table.

Table prepared with the TableBerg plugin

Step 03: Remove Borders from the Table

Select the entire Tableberg block by clicking the TableBerg icon on the toolbar. Then, go to the Styles tab on the right sidebar.

Select the entire TableBerg block to start removing its borders

Scroll the sidebar a bit. Toggle off the option Enable Inner Border. Make the Table Border Size zero (0) by dragging the scale.

This will remove borders from the table. Now, you may edit the content on the table to adjust its presentation.

Hide the table borders

Try Hiding Table Borders Yourself

Today’s tutorial ends here. Hope by following this article, you’ll be able to hide the table borders on your WordPress website easily. If you want more tips and suggestions related to table creation in WordPress, stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to share your valuable feedback through the comment section.

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