How to Change Table Width In WordPress

Table width refers to the horizontal space that a table occupies on a web page. It describes how much room the table takes up in relation to other elements on the page. By default, WordPress assigns a standard width whenever you create a table.

But the default space may fail to meet your objectives which is why you may want to increase your table width. This article will guide you on how to change table width in WordPress.

Method One: How to Change the Default Table Width in WordPress

Indeed, you can create tables in WordPress using the default Table block. Hope your table is ready. Click the Group icon on the toolbar to select the entire table.

Group the default WodPress table block

Come to the Settings tab on the right sidebar. You’ll get two boxes under this tab: CONTENT and WIDE. Your table and content width will change according to the value you insert.

Change width of the default WordPress table

Thus, you can customize the width of the default WordPress table.

Method Two: How to Change the Table Width Created with TableBerg

TableBerg is a versatile WordPress table builder plugin. If your table is built with the plugin, you will get better options to change the width of the table. Below is a table designed with the plugin.

Hit the TableBerg icon on the toolbar consecutively three times to select the entire table created with the TableBerg plugin.

Select the entire table created with the TableBerg plugin

You’ll get the TABLE WIDTH option under the Settings tab on the right sidebar. Put your desired value on the box or drag the scale. You will see that you can extend its width more than the default WordPress table.

Customize width of the table

Final Words!

Now you know how to change table width in WordPress. But there are several things you must care about when updating the table width. Make sure you aren’t disturbing the balance of content on the table.

Increasing the width too much can often negatively impact the responsiveness issue. And last of all, don’t forget to check the readability score.

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