How to Change Table Column Width in WordPress

How to Change Table Column Width in WordPress

A table column is a vertical division within a table where you can place and organize data. By increasing the column width, you can easily accommodate your content within the space.

Otherwise, your content may overflow if the column size is smaller than your content volume. In this article, we’ll show you how to change table column width in WordPress.

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Step 01: Install the TableBerg Plugin

You cannot customize the column size of any table created with the default Table Block. You need a table builder plugin to do that.

TableBerg is a table-builder plugin by which you can customize your tables beyond your imagination.

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin.

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin

Step 02: Create a Table with the Plugin

The process of creating tables with the TableBerg plugin is similar to the default table block.

If you don’t know yet, explore this post on how to create a table with TableBerg. We still have explained the process in the video below.

Step 03: Select a Column and Increase Its Width

Place your cursor on the column to select whose width you want to increase.

Then, under the settings tab, you will see the Column Width option. By putting your desired value in the box, you can change the column width.

Select a Column whose column you want to increase

We have put the value 590 in the box. You can see the column width has been changed.

Table column width has been changed

Thus, you can change the table column width in WordPress.


Alongside extensive customization, you can create different types of tables with TableBerg. Below, we have listed some such tutorial posts.

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