How to Create Your First Table With Tableberg

Creating data and information-rich tables is now super easy with TableBerg. It allows you to create complex tables with graphics, buttons, and textual information to generate conversions.

In this documentation post, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to create your first table with TableBerg.

Step 01: Install the TableBerg Plugin #

Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Type TableBerg in the search box. Once the plugin appears, install and activate it.

Install and activate the TableBerg plugin

Step 02: Add the TableBerg Block to the Editor #

Open a post or page. Click the plus (+) icon on the editor. Type TableBerg in the search box. The block will appear instantly. Add the block to the editor.

Find and add the TableBerg block to your Gutenberg editor

Set the number of columns and rows for the table. We’ll select 3*4 for the tutorial. Click the Create Table button at the end.

Set the row and column number

Step 03: Start Adding Content to the Table #

TableBerg allows you to add text, images, buttons, icons, ratings, and more elements to the table.

Add Text Content

Place your cursor on the table cells and write as you want. See it in the video attached below.

Once the texts are added, you can customize their color, typography, and dimensions from the right sidebar.

Add Images to the Table

You must add the Image block to add images to the table. Like the Gutenberg editor, click the plus (+) icon on the cell where you want to add images.

Add the Image block to the table

You’ll get options to upload images from the local drive or from the media library.

Upload images from the local drive or more the Media Library

We’ll add an image from the Media Library. Once the image is marked, click the Select button.

Select an image from the Media Library

The image will instantly be added to the table. In the same way, add images to the other cells.

Image is added to the TableBerg

Add Bullet Lists to the Table

In the same way, find and add the List block to the table.

Add List block to the table

With the List block, you can list the product features in the table.

Create a list

Add Buttons to the Table

Add the Button block to your suitable cells in the table.

Add the Button block to the table

Add a copy to the button that will trigger users.

Add a copy to the button

Now, link the button with your desired destination post/page. After that, you can customize its text color, background color, hover color, and typography.

Customize the button in TableBerg

In the same way, add buttons to the other cell.

Buttons in TableBerg

Add Ratings to the Table

If you are a premium user of the plugin, you’ll be able to add more blocks to the table. The Star Rating is such a premium block.

Add the Star Rating block

You will get the Settings and Styles tab on the right sidebar. You will get enough options to customize the Star Rating block.

Customize the Star Rating block

Step 04: Preview the TableBerg Table #

Once you are done, go to the preview page to see if the table is perfect as you created it.

Preview the TableBerg Table

Conclusion #

Thus, you can create your first table with the TableBerg plugin. You can do more with the plugin which isn’t possible to describe all in this single post. Explore our archive page to know more about TableBerg.

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Updated on June 25, 2024
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