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Icons are some graphical elements that are used in complementary textual content. They aid in quick comprehension and navigation. Using them, you can draw readers’ attention to a notification, highlight important points, signify important actions, and others.

With the TableBerg plugin, you can easily add a good collection of icons to your WordPress tables. This post will show you how to do this. So, let’s get into the discussion of how to add icons to WordPress tables.

Step 01: Find and Add the Icon Block to the Table #

Place your cursor on the cell where you want to add the block. Then, like any Gutenberg block, find the Icon block and add it to the cell by pressing the plus (+) button.

Find and Add the Icon Block to the Table

You can see that the Icon block has been added to the table.

The Icon block is added

Step 02: Configure Settings of the Icon Block #

You may display this icon as a paragraph or a character from the Behave As option under the settings tab.

Next, you can increase the Icon Size and Rotation.

Step 03: Change the Icon from the Icon Library #

Scroll down the page a bit. You’ll get the Icon option from where you can change the default icon to the one you like.

You can select icons from the library or import via URL.

Change the Icon from the Icon Library

Step 04: Stylize the Icon Block #

Once the settings are done, come to the Styles tab. You can customize the icon color, hover color, dimensions, marine, border, and radius of the block.

Stylize the Icon Block

You can we have applied stylizations to the block.

Stylizations applied to the Icon block

By the Icon block, you can effectively convey complex information, ease navigation, and create visually engaging tables that captivate and inform visitors.

Before closing this article, you can check this documentation on how to add Styled Lists to WordPress tables.

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Updated on June 22, 2024
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