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Images are a crucial visual element for any website. Not only can they help you express a story, but they also help you compare products, items, and ideas in comparison tables.

The default WordPress table doesn’t allow you to add images. But you can add as many images as you want to your tables created with the TableBerg plugin.

This documentation will guide you on how to add an image to a table in WordPress.

Step 01: Select the Where You Want to Add an Image #

We have a dummy table created with the TableBerg plugin. Select the cell where you want to add an image by placing your cursor on it.

Select the Where You Want to Add an Image

Step 02: Add the Image Block to the Table #

After placing your cursor on a cell, you will see the Gutenberg plus (+) button shows up.

Select the Image block by pressing the plus (+) button.

Add the Image Block to the Table

Step 03: Add Your Desired Image #

Click Upload to add the image from your local drive. Click the Media Library option to select it from your existing media files.

We are selecting the Media Library option for this tutorial.

Add Your Desired Image

You can see that we have selected image from the media library.

Image selected from the media library

You can see the image has been added to the table. Thus, you can add images to the other cells of the table.

Image displayed on the table

You can explore this post on how to create a comparison table on WordPress to explore more about how to add images.

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Updated on June 22, 2024
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